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Let's dive into the fascinating stories of our exceptional butlers at Boutique Hotel Matlai

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Justus: 35 years old
Justus started his experience in the hospitality industry with studies of hotel management, followed by a three-month field study in Zanzibar. His love for customer service, attention to detail, and excellent multitasking abilities led him to work as a waiter in Kiwengwa before joining Matlai as a butler in 2015. With over a decade of experience, Justus is an asset to our team as the head butler.
Born and raised in the Mwanza region of Northern Tanzania, Justus's background in the Luo tribe adds a unique cultural perspective to his service. He takes immense pride in organizing island tours for guests, showcasing the beauty of Zanzibar while creating memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Ramadhan: 31 years old
Ramadhan's journey to becoming a butler is reflecting his passion for the hospitality industry. After attending college to acquire specialized knowledge, he ventured into the world of hospitality in Romania, starting as a humble waiter. Over time, Ramadhan's dedication and determination led him to expand his skill set, and he eventually became a skilled bartender. This diverse experience has enriched his capabilities as a butler, allowing him to provide exceptional service to our guests.

Hailing from the beautiful Mara region in the North of Tanzania, Ramadhan's cultural heritage from the Sukuma and Kimu tribes brings a unique touch to his interactions with guests. As a member of a large polygamous family, Ramadhan Ramadhan knows how important social skills and tolerance are - values that shine through in his role as a butler.

Derick: 38 years old
The work of Derick as a butler is shaped by his extensive experience in the hotel industry. Having grown up in the village of Nyamuswa, West of Tanzania, Derick's is deeply connected to indigenous farming and livestock rearing. This background instills a sense of responsibility and care, which he brings to his role as a butler at Matlai.
Derick values the strong sense of teamwork and cooperation among the butler team at Matlai. Working seamlessly with other departments ensures that guests receive unparalleled service and attention during their stay. His commitment to providing a harmonious and memorable experience for guests reflects the true essence of Matlai's hospitality.

Hashim: 22 years old
Hashim received education at the renowned Jambiani Training Institute in Zanzibar. His commitment to learning and professional development is evident in his desire to excel in every aspect of his role as a butler. An acrobatic show background adds a unique flair to the New Year's Eve celebrations at Matlai, making them even more special and unforgettable for our guests.
Raised in the charming village of Jambiani, Hashim developed a strong sense of community that resonated deeply in his service. Taking the time to understand each guest's preferences allows Hashim to provide personalized and heartfelt experiences, creating cherished memories for our guests.

Gideon: 36 years old
Gideon's experiences as a butler began with hotel management courses and a diverse range of roles at different resorts such as Bluebay beach in Kiwengwa.. Growing up in the Western Tanzania region of Tabora, Gideon's roots in the Nyamwezi and Ngoni tribes impart a sense of tradition and respect that he carries into his interactions with guests.
Among the many aspects of being a butler at Matlai, Gideon particularly cherishes the strong sense of teamwork and organization within the butler team. This collaborative environment fosters a warm and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that guests feel at home during their stay.

At Boutique Hotel Matlai, we take pride in our commitment to the local community. As part of our initiative, we are inviting local people from hospitality schools to join us as butler trainees for 3 months. This program will not only offer them experience and training in hospitality but will also provide them with the prospect of a work contract upon successful completion of the training. We believe in nurturing local talent and empowering our community, and this initiative reflects our dedication to creating a positive impact while delivering an exceptional guest experience.

Our butlers' diverse backgrounds, experiences, and cultural heritages make them exceptional individuals who contribute to the heart and soul of Boutique Hotel Matlai. Their dedication to providing personalized, thoughtful, and unforgettable experiences for each guest truly sets our hotel apart as a destination of luxury and exceptional hospitality. Whether it's a soothing aloe treatment or a personalized island tour, our butlers are here to ensure that your stay at Matlai is nothing short of unforgettable.

Hashim's acrobatic group

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