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Get to know the hardworking helpers behind the scenes - part 1

In addition to our well-trained service personnel, whom we have already introduced here, many helpers behind the scenes, such as housekeepers, gardeners, maintenance staff, and security guards, contribute significantly to ensuring that our guests feel completely comfortable during their stay with us. I would like to introduce them here.

Let's start with the Housekeeper

Housekeeper Tatu

1. Tatu Juma Ramadhani
Tatu was our very first employee. She started working with us even before the hotel's opening in 2012. She helped complete the furnishing of the rooms, learned how to operate a laundry press, and stood by us through all the initial challenges. Tatu is 37 years old, married and has three children (12, 6 and 3 years old). She has a babysitter who looks after the children. Tatu hails from the Mwanza Region in Tanzania and resides with her family in Mwera, a village located east of Stone Town along the road to the west coast of the island. At home, she is a skilled cook and hairdresser. She can also weave beautiful rugs from fabric strips.

Housekeeper Shakira

2. Shakira Khatib Rajab
Shakira is 33 years old, married, and she has two children, aged 9 and 3 years old. A babysitter takes care of them during her working hours. Originally from Tanga-Lushoto on the mainland, she lives now in Taveta, which is a part of Zanzibar Town. In her free time, she is a talented businesswoman. Shakira has been with Matlai since 2015.

Housekeeper Maryam

3. Maryam Mfaume Omar
Maryam is 30 years old, married, and has one child, a 9 months old girl. Her sister in law looks after the baby while she works. At home Maryam enjoys cooking and tailoring clothes. She grew up in Kilwa-Lindi on mainland Tanzania but now lives in Michamvi. She is the head of the department. Maryam works with us since 2018.

housekeeper Yasinta

4. Yasinta Ferdinandy Sanga
Yasinta is 21 years old and single. She originally comes from Mbeya in the south-west region of Tanzania and lives now in Michamvi. She is a very good singer and dancer.
Yasinta came to Matlai in 2022.

housekeeper Jeni

5. Jenipha Revocatus Mwalika
Jenipha is 27 years old and married. She has two kids, 7 and 3 years old, whom a babysitter looks after while she works. She spent her childhood in Mwanza, located on the shores of Lake Victoria in Tanzania and she lives now in Michamvi.
She has been completing the team since 2022.

All housekeepers enjoy decorating the rooms with flowers and creatively arranging the beds for the guests. Due to their cheerful demeanor and attention to detail, they are highly appreciated by both our guests and us as employers.

Let's continue with the Maintenance Department

maintenance Isaka

1. Is-Haak Mansab Moh'd Isaka is 40 years old, married and has two boys, 2 years and 2 ½ months old. His wife, originally from Pemba, diligently tends to the children. Isaka is born in Zanzibar and lives with his family next to Zanzibar Town.
Isaka joined us in 2012, shortly after our establishment opened. Initially serving as a barman, he transitioned to the security department before finding his niche in the maintenance division, where he currently serves as the department head. His profound interest in technical matters has enabled him to excel in plumbing, electricity, and construction, showcasing his extensive expertise in these areas.

maintenance Yussuph

2. Yussuph Nassibu Haji
Yussuph is 33 years old and married. He grew up in Michamwi, where he still resides in his own house. Yussuph has two daughters, aged 6 and 3, who live with their grandmother in Stone Town. He started working as a gardener with us, later transitioning to the Security Department, but his interests lie more in the technical field. Therefore, he now works in the Maintenance Department. Yussuph has been working with us since 2012.

Over the years, both Maintenance team members have evolved into proficient all-rounders. Perhaps you may not encounter them as frequently, but they are among the most crucial members of our team. They remain readily available outside of their regular work hours, always ready to address both minor and major technical issues at any time.

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