Villa Kidosho is a low-rise house directly on the beach of around 200 sq.

In Swahili Kidosho means „beauty“, the villa reflects the timeless beauty of the former sultan palaces.

Villa Kidosho has

  • two themed suites with fantastic sea view - not visible from the beach
  • sea faced private terraces with sun lounger and dining tables
  • a private infinity pool with jacuzzi jets
  • a huge lounge with elevated sitting area, coffee bar, guest library, dining table and terrace with direct access to the pool

Book either a single suite or the entire villa. The high level of privacy makes Villa Kidosho perfect for honeymooners, families or friends. 


Jua bath

Mwezi 2020

SUN, MOON & STARS - an African fairy tale
In the beginning the sun and the moon were husband and wife. They lived together and had many children which were called the stars. Sun, moon and stars do not eat the same food as we do, but they feed on fire. This is why they shine. One day a powerful chief came to their village, the name and the country of whom I do not know. He brought along many crates full of goods. His beauty and his wealth were so abundant that the moon’s heart leant towards him. When the chief was going to move on, Mrs. Moon gave him a sign to wait for him at the road’s bend in order to escape both together in secret. …....


Since that time Mr. Sun each day chases the evening and the stars. The moment Mrs. Moon sees him rise at the edge of the sky, she hurries to disappear inside her hut. When Mr. Sun has passed the firmament as we can see every day, he hastens to get back to the other side. He never tires and does not rest one single day. ……..
The pursuit already lasts for a very long time. But once the day will come when it will come to an end .... That day he will lock his wife into a deep pit in the earth, and she will never be allowed to rise again. Once the mother is captured, the children will be eaten soon after. What will then happen to us humans nobody knows, my brother.